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And then she kissed him…

Sketch studies for one of my graduation projects: “The tale of Ivan Tsarevitch, the Firebird and the Grey Wolf”.

This is gonna be like a spin off of my current personal project. The character in this one is Hannya, and she will be playing the Firebird.

Quick sketches of Alexander and Raine when they were about 13 years younger than they’re [here]. Things were nice and easier back then. Warmer. Now she kinda fears him and feels awkward when they are together… I’m presenting them now because they’ll be playing special roles in my graduation project. I’ll reveal more about it and show some studies tomorrow. =)

Yeah, I’m baaack! (Sorry, the internet in my new HQ is not working yet. -_- That’s why I’ve been away for some weeks…)

This is a quick portrait of Raine, a character from this personal project I’m working on…She has this dead fish gaze and acts kinda weird sometimes, but she is nice. =)


I’m sorry for the long absence, I’m not checking emails, facebook, tumblr, etc. so if you sent me a question or a comment during the last couple of weeks and you didn’t get your reply, don’t get mad on me, I’m having problems with my internet connection.

Actually I just moved to a new apartment in Paris (this year I’ll have two bases…) and my internet is not working yet. And before that, I was too busy looking for apartments. Renting a good place in central Paris is a NIGHTMARE. So these are my excuses, I’ll be back soon enough.

Have a nice week everyone! :)

Short-haired modern Kephran and Raine. Thinking about… life. And what they are gonna have for dinner.

Kephran is a character of Zephyrhant (click here if you still don’t know my dear bro’s works =))

Raine is my own character.

Today is my boyfriend’s birthday and he loves Black Cat. And Spiderman.I mean, he really loves it. So I did this picture as one of my gifts to him. <3

Dying Light.
There is a second part of this picture I haven&#8217;t finished yet, so I&#8217;m only posting 1/2 illustration. This is Lucien again.

Dying Light.

There is a second part of this picture I haven’t finished yet, so I’m only posting 1/2 illustration. This is Lucien again.

You went too far…

Eleanore. Dancing to the Moon.

Yes, I did this picture after last supermoon, that was impossible to see from Lyon. A huge thick black cloud covered everything, all night long.

I’m sorry for the cropped image, but tumblr blurs the picture when it’s larger than 500 wide or 750 tall. later I’ll post a non cropped version on dA.