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hecklesyeah asked: Hi. I'm Thea. I love your artwork, btw. And this is a bit random especially since I'm not sure if you accept requests or if you ship them, but would it be possible for you to make a Hooked Queen one? Lana and Colin just look so good together!

Hi, Thea! =) I’m Helena.

Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy my works. <3<3<3

Of course people can send me requests about ouat. Since I got hooked by this series it doesn’t bother me at all to draw its characters. About the Hooked Queen, I don’t ship them (I’m obviously a cs mafia member)… BUT… considering last ep… MAYBE I could draw a threesome fanart  ReginaxHook leaving Emma behind. XD It’s an idea. (I want so much to see Hook snobbing her. u.û I like Emma, but I think she needs to run after him a little bit.)

So I can’t promise you anything since I have lots of school works to finish, but I’ll keep that in mind. =)

Captain Swan again. It seems I can’t help myself. u.u  And this constant teasing on the series is not helping too.

You can check my older ouat posts here:

Click here for my other Captain Swan (kiss)

and and here for the Outlaw Queen one

Hope you like it! <3

Anonymous asked: hi i was just wondering if you would mind sharing your brush settings ? they're so gorgeous

Mu brush settings? You mean, for SAI or for Photoshop? For SAI I use the standard brush with  “simple circle” or “bristle” form. I think they are great the way they are, don’t need to modify anything.

For Photoshop I have already answered this question here, so I’ll give you the link of the post, since I took time to explain and take screenshots. =)

If you have a more specific question about this, don’t hesitate to ask again. :)

A pseudo CD cover art I had to do for class. I choose Loreena Mckennitt. =D

My watercolour paper was SO DAMAGED that if you look closely, parts of the hair got scratched out. U_U (I didn’t like the course, so I said to myself I wouldn’t spend a good paper with it, and I took an old one that was serving as protection for the good sheets. u.û)

Some old sketches, except for the first one. The girl from the first 2 is Meryan, and the last one is Eva. Both of them are characters of a personal project. Sorry for the middle one, it’s a reeeeeeeally old drawing, but I like her face. u.u

Thanks for looking! =)


 “I’ve tried the hero thing. It didn’t take.”
- Hook
Curse upon thee, sister! For dragging me down to the OUaT universe…! Go go go Captan Swan!

Bro&#8217;s portrait of Killian Jones! *-*


“I’ve tried the hero thing. It didn’t take.”

- Hook


Curse upon thee, sister! For dragging me down to the OUaT universe…! Go go go Captan Swan!

Bro’s portrait of Killian Jones! *-*

'Cause it still works.

Eva and her cats. <3

I forgot to post it last week. Hope you like it.

*crawls back to her OUAT dementia.*

warriorstaerskye asked: Hey! I just want to say I'm loving your "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" art (it's one of my favorite faerietales) and I'm also enjoying your OUAT fanart (Outlaw Queen and Captain Swan!) I'm curious, what brushes do you use?

Oh, thank you very much for your constant support, Warriorstaerskye! I always see you liking and rebbloging stuff. <3<3<3

And… COOL!! We share the same interests! *-*

So, about brushes.
Someone had already asked me somethign like that and I see now I haven’t replied like I should have, because… Well, I’m checking now my list of brushes and there are some I forgot mentioning, so I’m deleting the old reply and doing it properly this time. Most generally I use that round basic form 100% hard.


But sometimes I use Blackeri’s one. Don’t ask me why or when. I don’t know why I keep using this brush since I downloaded it the first time. It’s kinda instinctive. Not very useful to say that though.

Well, for all basic layers of colours I use this one. And for sketching too.image

You can download it here: and here is the direct link for the brushes pack: comes with other brushes too but you can delete it later. I can’t reupload her work  so I’ll just give your her links.)

For a harder look when painting without lines, I use this amazing Sandara’s brush


Download them here: (and also check her tutorial. I learned everything I know from her. <3)

Oh, and I almost forgot. I use Paint Tool SAI too. It comes with very unique standard brushes. Very useful and not expensive. About 50 dollars I guess.

IF sometimes you see some stuff you believe it wasn’t done with any of these brushes, it’s probably because I did it on paper, with watercolours, coloured pencils, mechanical pencil, textures, etc. =)

And that’s all. Just ask if you have any other questions. It might take some days to reply, but I’ll surely do. <3 

YEAH! /o/

For all Once Upon a Time fans who are not getting fanarts enough.

I actually was going to finish the colours of my old Captain Swan drawing, but after last episode I decided to upload this one! /o/ Hope you like it!

Next one: Captain Swan